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Online Student Profile System

Version 3.07

San Diego Unified School District

The following software libraries are used in this system in accordance with their respective licenses:

A special debt of gratitude is owed to Nancy Regas, retired Patrick Henry HS Counselor, whose suggestions, critiques, and flair with colors made this project a reality. It wouldn't have been possible without her.

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Version change log

Added "D/F grade at last report period" report
Added "Class of 0" and "At-risk" reports sorted by school with totals
Numerous changes pursuant to July 5, 2017 district meeting. Removed OSPS-computed course suppression per Genevieve Clark via email 08/03/2017; Added "Will graduate if student passes scheduled courses" for seniors only.
Added deficiency report for all seniors
Added Middle name, Gender, SPED to at-risk reports
Change at-risk criteria according to guidelines discussed at Mar 6 Tech Tools meeting. The only change is to LOTE, checking for requirements after semester 3 instead of semester 1; Class of displays PS and OSPS values on summary page when forced by user; Changed "Senior English" heading to "11/12th English" on one-page printout; Mismatch report downloaded file has correct file name.
Major upgrades to credit evaluation algorithm, data structure, courses UI; minor changes to the rest of the UI. Restructuring of course data and coding to make subject credit evaluation algorithms isomorphic and easier to maintain. Improved credit evaluation edge case conditions to align with District Procedure 4770.
Added senior-only at-risk report; remove Fitnessgram as deficiency criteria, added PS-GPA and OSPS-GPA to at-risk reports
Added new role for alternative school counselors to see all district schools; Added placeholder text in unfilled profile slots to indicate the course that fills the slot
Added student information report for mail-merge letters to parents about student progress; Changed 'son'/'daughter' to 'student' on deficiency letters; Change "World language" to "LOTE"; Include students in deficiency letter list who have notes in the deficiency letter notes section (even if the student is not deficient); All users can access the Reports menu (some reports are restricted by permission level)
Added GPA calculator on Profile page, Grades tab; Edit course page, added list of students that have the course being edited either on a transcript or on the current semester schedule
Added LOTE status on profile grid; Added Science course type on one-page printout; Added student mailing address to deficiency letter for window envelopes; Restrict reports to schools to which the user has access; Added school code, school name, and user role to access log; Added logger report for District users
Fix credits bug in deficiency letter; Adjust RTL configuration on deficiency letter in Arabic; Validate IM1A/B when IM3A/B passed
Fix alternative English sequence deficiency error
At-risk page filterable by class of as well as by grade; Added GPA mismatch report; Added Fitnessgram status on profile grid; Added Vietnamese dificiency letter
Language selection on deficiency letters; Fix ethnicity bug when not stated in students file; Add school information; Remove principal / phone number from settings menu.
Removed CAHSEE information; Fixed blank reqSubject in course bug; Deficiency computation refactoring; Multilingual support for deficiency letters
Minor UI changes for better clarity; add full school year on radio buttons in course plan; fix suppression error with courses taken at out-of-district schools; fix sort order when processing grades so they are suppressed in the correct sequence.
Multilingual support for deficiency letter. Will be operational when language information is included in student download from PowerSchool. Modified school year display on student plan.
Added access instructions; Modified user sorting; Non-district schools were still suppressing some courses
Grade 7/8 courses were incorrectly showing GPA credits
Added "suggestions" to the footer link for the problem form
Added a link to the access instructions in the footer
Course sorting scheme was incorrect
Many changes to scale system from PHHS to district-wide use